Monday, 8 June 2009

Crusaid's 'Walk for Life'. Sunday 7th June 2009

What a fabulous day it turned out to be. Saturday had been a washout and the rain was still slaughtering down at 6am Sunday morning but by the time we arrived at Potters Fields by Tower Bridge the sun was shining and the place was awash with people in thoer official 'Walk' T-shirts, the sky was blue and a very English, genteel mood of bonhomie pervaded the air. We signed in, got our wrist bands and Lucozade and relaxed in the sun listening to the music and taking in the sights of Tower Bridge, The Gherkin, The City & St Pauls....and of course the obligatory fabulous drag queens, without which no gay event is complete. It was glorious.
Start time approached and we were warmed up by four cheerleader type instructors, I wondered if this was a world record as a thousand people did the grapevine in unison.
And then we were off. It was exciting to be part of such a such a fun crowd and to soak up the atmosphere and sense of well being as we meandered up to Tower Bridge and began to stride out.
Along the way we saw some very interesting London sights making us feel like tourists in our own city which onlu added to the wenjoyment. We also saw Graham Norton doing the walk with his dogs and all the coffee shops we passed were full of walkers in their yellow t-shirts, could we make this walking with stops for coffee an Olympic sport? I think so!
We had a great day made perfect by the weather and great organisation and by all the support we'd received. A big thank you to everyone who donated money. Next year we will definitely do a Pink Jack team, so if you fancy joining us, let me know!
Lol, David

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