Sunday, 8 March 2009

Pink Jack & 'Blighty'

This weekend I've seen ...with mixed posters, promo give-aways and celeb's talkin about a new TV programme starting soon called 'Blighty', which is about the best of Britain in all it's diverse and quirky ways. Why mixed emotions? Well, Pink Jack was approached by the company making the show, they wanted to use the PinkJack in the programme's idents ( the trailers advertising the show) This obviously would've been really cool but just when everything was agreed Ofcom ruled that it was against their regulations to use a company logo in an ident...commercial impartiality etc etc. ...and this obviously was a real bummer (can I use this word critic's of Lisa Tarbuck?) We could've still been the partner of the show but without the PJ in the ident the significance was lost.
So, I was in Ted Baker today and saw they were now the company replacing PinkJack. It felt kinda good to know that Pink Jack was first but at the same time there's a sense of disappointment as 'it coulda been me up there'. Thanks to Ofcom a great opportunity was missed but a big thanks though to the Blighty team for considering PinkJack. Next time!

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